NFL Preview Pt. 2: Reg Season Win Futures

The thing I like about season wins futures bets is that they have all the advantages of other futures bets – primarily that they last for an entire season, and so provide a lot of betting enjoyment “leverage” out of a single wager – without the major drawbacks of other futures bets. Chief among those drawbacks are (a) the long odds of actually winning the bet (championship odds for anyone or even division/conference odds for some teams) and (b) the crazy high juice that you’ll often pay on player-centric bets or even total points scored by a team in the season.

To be honest, given the amount of action on the NFL, I wasn’t expecting to find near the value in NFL win totals futures as I did in NCAAF ones, but the top three here are gold. I’ll also note that I am really surprised to find 7 of 9 on the Over side of the house. Traditionally, I think books have shaded the total (or corresponding vig) high with the knowledge that the betting public has a bias for betting overs. But I’m standing by the formula, so here we go:

Season Win Totals Top Picks (Play 2 units each):

  1. Buccaneers Under 6.5 wins at +115 on
  2. Raiders Over 6 wins at +100 on
  3. Texans Under 8.5 wins at +125

Season Win Totals Other Picks (1 unit each):

  1. Packers Over 9.5 at +124 on
  2. Bengals Over 6 at +140 on
  3. Lions Over 6.5 at -130 on
  4. Saints Over 10.5 at +140 on
  5. Seahawks Over 8.5 at -125 on
  6. Patriots Over 11 at -120 on

This will be the last NFL Season preview. Next up, Uncle Bucky and I will give our picks for NFL week 1 along with NCAA week 2. Until then, stay sharp.

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