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NCAAF Week 2 Picks

I have a confession.  Despite not putting them in my Week 1 picks because my system didn’t support the play, I took Auburn -3.5 for one unit late in the week.  Then, I was out watching games on Saturday with my buddy Drew, and after hearing my action, he took Oregon +4 for 3 units, which I took as a challenge to my own handicapping abilities and general worth as a human being.  So, of course, I threw another 2 units on War Eagle -4. 

Cut to about 21 seconds left on the clock.  I’m thinking I need a miracle, but Drew seems really subdued.  I ask why, and he says he’s got no chance for Oregon to cover four.  Somehow he’d gotten twisted around on the bet; he thought he was -4. He actually double checked the good news I gave him on his betting app.  All of that happened within a matter of 10 seconds and brought us to 16 seconds left. And I tell you that to tell you it also brought me to vocalizing that need for a miracle that I’d mentioned earlier, and to a freshman QB only needing a long FG to win taking a few steps back, calmly scanning to the left, and completing a pass to a receiver who I thought for a second might be pulled down at the 1 but instead shook off his DG mid-catch and walked into the endzone.  

I went nuts.  It was awesome.  I can’t remember a better gambling start to the football season.  But enough anecdotes about picks I didn’t make on BTJ last week. Let’s get to ones we did. 

Last Week in Review

As always, you can view picks from both Uncle Bucky and me here to track how we did the previous, this season, or all time.

Bucky got off to an extremely rough start on Friday, having taken South Florida and the points.  The problem with that bet is that South Florida didn’t score any. So, even at +12.5, they fell well short of Wisconsin’s 49.  Bucky was never in this one, but somehow still felt alright about it. As he put it, “Hey the line went down after I took it, so I wasn’t the only one.”  He faired much better in the two home favorites he picked to crush a couple of cupcakes. Texas went into halftime covering by half a point and flirted with letting La. Tech back into the gambling conversation late in the fourth quarter, but not enough to make anyone backing the “Horns sweat.  LSU covered in the 2nd quarter and felt like it would from the coin flip. Good pick. Bucky ended up 0.86 units after week 1.

I was not so lucky.  One realization that really sank in halfway through my first day of my strategy of betting on what I felt were undervalued dog moneylines – I will lose A LOT more than I will win.  That, of course, should be obvious. It is one thing to know it, and another to feel it. This strategy is not for the weak of heart. In fact, a good way into Saturday I thought I was going to go 0 for everything, be down 9.5 units out the gate, and just pretend this blog never happened.  Then, like a shining beacon on the shores of betting salvation came the Wyoming Cowboys. Or the didn’t come the Mizzou Tigers, however you want to look at it. The point is, it paid +725 which set me up in positive territory on the week if ever so briefly.

Of course, Houston and Louisville both put any dreams of leading Bucky out the gate to rest, and I had to make due with being down 1.25 units to the book and more than 2 units to Bucky (not sure which is worse), but the boys from Wyoming restored my faith in the strategy, so time to get back on the horse so to speak.  Here, without further ado, are Week 2 NCAAF picks:

Uncle Bucky’s Week 2 Picks (Each for 1 unit)

  1. Washington -13.5 vs Cal at -115 on
  2. Vanderbilt +7 vs Purdue at -115 on
  3. Stanford +1.5 vs USC at Even on
  4. Fresno State +3  vs. Minnesota at -105 on
  5. Hawaii -6.5 vs Oregon State at -110 on

My Week 2 Best Picks (Each for 1 Unit)

  1. Texas A&M to beat Clemson at +655 on
  2. Rice to beat Wake Forest at +770 on
  3. Rutgers to beat Iowa at +825 on

My Week 2 Other PIcks (Each for 0.5 Units)

  1. W. Virginia to beat Missouri at +445 on
  2. Cincy to beat Ohio State at +575 on
  3. Southern Miss to beat Miss. State at +600 on
  4. Liberty to beat UL Lafayette at +415 on
  5. W. Michigan to beat Michigan State at +600 on

We’ll be back soon with Week 1 NFL picks.  Until then, stay sharp!

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