NFL Week 1 Picks

As the most heavily bet sports league in America, the NFL is also the most difficult league in which to find value in gambling. The stakes are too high for the markets to be very inefficient. Even so, Uncle Bucky and I have found a couple of picks each that we believe to give the player a slight edge.

Uncle Bucky’s Week 1 Picks (each 1 unit)

  1. Chiefs -4 vs Jaguars at -105 on
  2. Chargers -6.5 vs Colts at -110 on

My Week 1 Picks (each 1 unit)

  1. Seahawks to beat Bengals at -425 on
  2. Jaguars to beat Chiefs at +165 on

That’s all for tonight. Enjoy the games this weekend, and stay sharp.

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