My game watching partner on Sunday.

Weekly Recap & Picks: Minshew Mania & the Pitt Special

Hell, yes. That’s it for this week, I’ll catch you in October!

Just kidding, but, damn, it feels good to win. After getting murdered in back to back weeks, Beat The Juice came through with a 34% yield last week on 6 units wagered. And, man, was it exciting. To make it even sweeter, Uncle Bucky was in the red, if only by 4%, allowing me to close the gap on the season contest.

In case you missed it, I opened the week on Thursday night backing “The” Gardner Minshew’s Jaguars at +120 on the moneyline over “A” Marcus Mariota’s Titans. I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t watch this game. The Jags and Titans, even the Minshew-led Jags and Titans, on Thursday night is just about the least-appetizing NFL matchup the schedulers could dream up. Maybe a Jets vs Dolphins London game would be worse, but then again, (a) those two squads are so bad as to be entertaining and (b) I’m an old man who has come full circle on the London game and absolutely loves having football on at 7 AM so that I have an excuse not to watch Paw Patrol reruns. I don’t have many trump cards to play in my house, but somehow “I need to watch this game,” has survived as one. Back to the game – the Jags went up 14 in the first quarter, and that’s all you really need to do against the Fighting Mariotas.

Let’s jump to Saturday, where I had Wisconsin at -155 to beat Michigan in what some thought would be the game of the day. What a joke. It’s games like these that make you feel like a total punk for not laying the points. Wiscy was up 28-0 at half and never looked back. Harbaugh continued his streak of doing absolutely nothing against teams ranked in the top 10 (I believe he’s 1-9).

My Badger win in hand, I moved on to the Pitt-UCF matchup. Pitt was down 34 to 28 with a minute left and 4th and 2 at the UCF 3. If you’ve been reading this internet website of mine, then you know I picked the Pitt moneyline paying +380. This would be the bet to build upon Thursday’s win from Minshew Mania, Wiscy’s ass-kicking of Harbaugh, and pull me back into the race against Bucky and the books. And I like to think Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi knew it, and so he busted out the “Pitt Special,” sending his QB behind the tackle, direct snapping to the running back, reversing to a flanker, who then found the QB sneaking past the line and into the endzone for a TD catch. It may not have been the Super Bowl, but I was determined to celebrate like it was. Which is why I headed out to the DeadMau5 concert and missed the rest of my picks losing on Saturday.

No worries, though, as those of you following Beat The Juice had the Ravens +7 at -120 on Sunday. And despite going into half down 23-6, Lamar Jackson showed why 1st ballot HOFer Joe Flacco is no longer the starting QB in Baltimore, Leading the Ravens back to cover the spread with 2 minutes to spare.

Bucky went down early on Saturday with TCU, UNC, and Kentucky all laying eggs. This came as some surprise to Bucky, who had alerted me only last Wednesday that “Carolina looked like the much better team than Wake. They’re going to be good.” Just not good enough to beat that team from Boone. But he stormed back with 2 unit plays on Oregon and Texas to end Saturday up.

He went into Sunday laying 47 points across three games…which must be some kind of degenerate Fave Dave record. How many times have we had two NFL teams favored by 20 points in a single week? And for good reason, as Bucky found out. Even up 30-0 in the 3rd, the Pats couldn’t cover. A muffed punt recovered for a TD and a backup QB pick-6 later (yeah, Brady puts up 30, the Defense doesn’t give up a point, and they still don’t cover…), and Bucky was out of the money. Not even a 22.5 spread was enough for the Dolphins to cover, which meant that Bucky’s week came down to watching the Chargers blow a first half lead. How very un-Charger like.

On to next week’s picks.

Bucky’s NCAAF Picks (each for 1 unit):

  1. Purdue +2 vs Minnesota at -109 on
  2. SMU -75. vs S. Florida at -109 on
  3. Stanford -4 vs Oregon State at -109 on
  4. Ohio State -17 vs Nebraska at -109 on
  5. Oklahoma State -4 vs Kansas State at -109 on

Bucky’s NFL Picks (each for 2 units):

  1. Texans -4.5 vs Panthers at -115 on
  2. Colts -7 vs Raiders at -105 on
  3. Rams -10 vs Bucs at +105 on

My NCAAF Picks (1/2 unit unless otherwise stated):

  1. Maryland ML vs Penn State at +205 on (1 unit)
  2. San Jose State ML vs Air Force at +835 on
  3. C. Michigan ML vs W. Michigan at +715 on
  4. Washington State ML vs Utah at +195 on (1 unit)
  5. Miss. State +10.5 vs Auburn at -105 on (1 unit)
  6. S. Alabama ML vs UL Monroe at +590 on
  7. Nebraska ML vs Ohio State at +655 at
  8. New Mexico State ML vs Fresno State +715 at

My NFL Picks (1 unit each except the Dolphins, which is 1/2 unit):

  1. Eagles ML vs Packers at +180 on
  2. Dolphins ML vs Chargers at +755 on
  3. Lions ML vs Chiefs at +260 on
  4. Saints ML vs Cowboys at +130 on

That’s it for this week. Until next time, stay sharp.

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