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Weekly Recap & Picks: An NCAAF $hit Sandwich

Welcome back to BTJ. Let’s jump right into a very abbreviated recap of the week. I started out the week with an Eagles +180 moneyline victory. I ended it with a Saints +130 moneyline victory. Everything in between was hot garbage; I dropped every NCAAF moneyline dog pick and a couple of NFL ones. Well, not everything. I was sitting on Detroit at a healthy +260 when the Lions scored a TD with 2:26 to go up three. I was still sitting on that bet (that’s how bets work) when the Chiefs had 4th and forever on their side of the field a minute later. At no point during that time did I feel comfortable. Pat Mahomes is the scariest thing an NFL gambler can see on the other side of his bet. It’s terrifying.

Bucky was looking pretty good after a winning record on Saturday but went huge on a slate of NFL games that he felt doubly confident about and lost them all. So, at least there is that. After 5 weeks of picking, I’m only down 1% to the book on NFL but a whopping 29% on NCAAF (this erratic dog moneyline strategy can turn on you quickly). Whereas Bucky is down about 6% in NCAAF and 25.78% in NFL. You can always check how we are faring against the juice and each other in this Google doc.

Bucky’s NCAAF Picks (1 unit each):

  • Oklahoma State -10 vs Texas Tech at -104 on
  • Kansas State -1 vs Baylor at -109 on
  • Duke -5 vs Pitt at -109 on
  • Central Florida -4 vs Cincy at -109 on
  • Oklahoma -32 vs Kansas at -109 on
  • Oregon -18 vs Cal -109 on

Bucky’s NFL Picks (1 unit each):

  • Eagles -13 vs Jets at -113 on
  • Chargers -6.5 vs Broncos at -109 on
  • Patriots -15 vs Redskins at -109 on

My NCAAF Picks:

  • W. Virginia ML vs Texas at +340 on (1/2 unit)
  • Stanford ML vs Washington at +575 (1/2 unit)
  • Tulsa ML vs SMU at +420 on (1/2 unit)
  • Cincy ML vs Central Florida +165 on (1 unit)
  • Tulane -3 vs Army at -105 on (1 unit)
  • Oregon State ML vs ULCA at +200 on (1 unit)
  • Navy ML vs Air Force at +155 on (1 unit)

My NFL Picks (each 1 unit):

  • Seahawks ML vs Rams at -120 on
  • Bucs ML vs Saints at +160 on

That’s it for this week. Good luck out there, and until next time, stay sharp.

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