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Weekly Recap & Picks: The BTJ Secret Recipe Pays Off

I’ve read that when Colonel Sanders set out to franchise his secret recipe, he was rejected by over 1,000 restaurants before hearing his first “yes.” Imagine if a man with slightly less conviction in his formula (or worse salesmanship, impossible as that seems) had stumbled upon that secret blend of eleven herbs and spices. Or maybe don’t. The knock-on effects are terrible to contemplate. No more donut and fried chicken sandwiches. No more sandwiches that use fried chicken as buns. Ricky Bobby could have gotten as drunk as he wanted with few culinary repercussions. Like I said – terrifying.

I tell you all that to tell you this. I was selling the Beat the Juice formula to the football betting gods for six weeks and getting a lot of “no’s.” A man with less conviction in his secret recipe would have folded up and just started throwing darts. But this week, week 7, the secret recipe chickens came home to roost, so to speak. Oh, did they roost.

The irony is that I attended the slaughter at Neyland Stadium this past Saturday and so actually watched far fewer games than usual. So, I didn’t even get to enjoy Stanford putting up a +575 ML win over Washington, or Oregon State hanging a +200 money liner on UCLA . What I did see on Thursday night was Russell Wilson put on some of his usual fourth quarter heroics, only to watch his defense let Jarod Goff run a 2 minute drill that put Greg Zuerlein within 44 yards of kicker glory. Then I watched that kick sail wide right. And that’s kinda when I started feeling like this weekend would taste like a winner’s chicken dinner. I wagered 7.5 units. I won 7.86 units. That return is delicious.

Uncle Bucky, on the other hand, had one of his rougher weeks, going 2-6 and losing 4.20 units on 9 wagered. He did well in the NFL, winning on big faves New England and Philly, but was a brutal 0-6 in NCAAF. Which means that the BTJ system, while not, as the name might lead you to believe, beating the juice just yet, is finally beating the ole’ school prognosticator. You can see those results here:

Onto the picks!

Bucky’s NCAAF Picks (all 1 unit each and all on

  1. Virginia +2.5 vs Florida State at -109
  2. Missouri -12 vs Ole Miss at -109
  3. Alabama -16.5 vs Texas A&M at -109

Bucky’s NFL Picks (all 1 unit each and all on

  1. Bucs +2.5 vs Panthers at +115
  2. Seahawks -1.5 vs Browns at -114
  3. Denver -2 vs Titans at -109
  4. Dallas -7 vs Jets at -109

My NCAAF Picks (All 1/2 Unit):

  1. Colorado ML vs Oregon at +1000 on
  2. Hawaii ML vs Boise State at +360 on
  3. Miami (OH) ML vs W. Michigan at +420
  4. Tennessee ML vs Miss. State at +230 on
  5. Texas Tech ML vs Baylor at +340 on
  6. Oregon State ML vs Utah at +445 on
  7. Georgia Tech ML vs Duke at +725 on

My NFL Pick for the week (1 unit):

Steelers +7 vs Chargers at -115 on

That’s it for this week. Good luck, and stay sharp.

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