Weekly Recap & Picks: Only in Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

What a roller coast of a week. Of my 9 college picks last week, 5 of them were moneyline dogs with payouts between +430 and +490. Two of them played Thursday and Friday nights, starting my week off with 3- and 4-point losses, respectively. Wisconsin got trounced early Saturday by the Buckeyes, but the other two dogs in that group, Washington State and UNLV, completed the disappointment sandwich with a 2- and 3-point loss, respectively.

If any one of those dogs wins, I’d be sitting pretty this week. As it was, I did pick up wins from Kentucky (+330), Louisville (+145) and UCLA (+160), which sent me into Sunday up 1.2 units and had me thinking I should have rode N. Carolina and Kansas, as well. And then, Sunday happened – a four dog massacre that sent me down 1.3 units on the week. It all turned on the 2.75 unit swing I suffered in the Sunday night game, in which I was reminded why I never like to bet against Aaron Rodgers. Matt Moore had just worked his ass off to go 75 yards over 5 minutes to tie that thing up halfway through the fourth, and in the time it took me to brush my teeth, the Packers were up 7 again. I didn’t even bother watching the rest; some times you just know.

Bucky fared much better, going 5-2 and picking up 2.58 units on the week. He might have gotten a little help on Rams -13, but all the Colts luck in the world couldn’t cover the 5.5 he’d laid against Denver, who may be the most frustrating team in the NFL right now to bet on. I’m not sure they can be the New Chargers since the Chargers are still the Chargers, finding Chargers ways to lose games and bets, but damned if they aren’t pushing their way to the front of the line to replace them. This Colts loss sits just behind the Bears one in the “Broncos moneyliners were already in the cashier line” department.

And now, for next week’s picks!

Bucky’s NCAAF Picks (1 Unit each):

  1. Florida State -3 vs Miami at -109 at GTBets.eu
  2. Baylor -18.5 vs W. Virginia at -109 on GTBets.eu
  3. Indiana -11 vs Northwestern at -110 on BetOnline.ag
  4. Tennessee -12 vs UAB at -109 on GTBets.eu

Bucky’s NFL Picks (1 unit each):

  1. Dolphins +3 vs Jets at -109 on GTBets.eu
  2. Broncos +3 vs Browns at +106 on GTBets.eu
  3. Seahawks -6 vs Bucs at -108 on BetOnline.ag
  4. Eagles -5 vs Bears at -104 on GTBets.eu
  5. Niners -10 vs Cardinals at -109 on GTBets.eu

My NCAAF Picks:

  1. NC State ML vs Wake Forest at +250 on Bovada.lv(1 unit)
  2. Boston College ML vs Syracuse at +155 on Betnow.eu (1 unit)
  3. SMU ML vs Memphis at +190 on GTBets.eu (1 unit)
  4. W. Virginia ML vs Baylor at +750 on BetOnline.ag (1/2 unit)
  5. Va. Tech ML vs Notre Dame at +660 on GTBets.eu (1/2 unit)
  6. San Jose State ML vs Boise State at +680 on GTBets.eu (1/2 unit)

My NFL Picks:

  1. Cardinals ML vs Niners at +380 on GTBets.eu (1/2 unit)
  2. Dolphins ML vs Jets at +145 on GTBets.eu (1 unit)
  3. Raiders ML vs Lions at -125 on Mybookie.ag (1 unit)
  4. Chargers ML vs Packers +175 on Bovada.lv (1 unit)
  5. Ravens ML vs Patriots at +170 on Bovada.lv (1 unit)

Until next week, stay sharp.

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