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Weekly Recap & Picks: Sunday Afternoon Coming Up

Lest this blog become a broken record, I will spare you the recounting of how my +660 Virginia Tech play looked like a winner until Notre Dame’s final 87-yard drive. How the Hokies had a 90% win probability with 1:45 left. How Notre Dame’s TD was responsible for a 3.8 unit turn of fortune that, coupled with losing every bet but Boston College’s moneyline, sent me into Sunday down 2.45 units on the weekend.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Monday – all four of my Sunday bets, including 3 dogs, hit, pushing me to +3.25 on the weekend and down to -5.76% of units wagered on the year overall. The Chargers (+175) and Ravens (+170) both came up huge against teams Vegas thought were better, and the latter provided the rarest of gambling experiences: sitting through an extended period of play knowing that your bet against the Pats is almost certain to hit, and getting to watch them stew in it. From the bottom of my wallet and heart, thank you, Lamar Jackson.

Bucky had a strong Sunday, as well, going 3-0-1. He texted me claiming he’d picked up the W on the Seahawks instead of a push, but the text with his picks tells a different story. That, coupled with his near-push of a Saturday and a Thursday night loss on the Niners put him up 1.77 units on the week and down 11.25% on the year. We’ve both been considerably better in NFL so far than NCAAF, with Yours Truly even venturing into beating the juice territory at +11% on pro ball.

And now for the picks!

Uncle Bucky’s NCAAF Picks (1 unit each):

  1. TCU +2.5 vs Baylor at -105 on Bovada
  2. Minnesota +7 vs Penn State at -105 on Bovada
  3. Va. Tech +2.5 vs Wake Forest at -105 on Bovada
  4. W. Virginia +2.5 vs Texas Tech at -104 on
  5. Kansas State +7 vs Texas at -1059 on
  6. Miami -6.5 vs Louisville at -109 on

Uncle Bucky’s NFL Picks:

  1. Giants -2.5 vs Jets at -108 on (2 units)
  2. Ravens -10 vs Bengals at -109 on (1 unit)
  3. Packers -5.5 vs Panthers at -109 on (1 unit)

My NCAAF Picks (1 Unit each):

  1. Louisville ML vs Miami at +220 on
  2. Colorado ML vs Stanford at +145 on
  3. Kansas State ML vs Texas at +225 on
  4. San Jose State ML vs Hawaii at +245 on

My NCAAF Picks (1/2 unit each):

  1. Tulsa ML vs Central Florida +605 on
  2. Oregon State ML vs Washington at +310 on
  3. Georgia Tech ML vs UVA at +635 on
  4. UTEP ML vs Charlotte at +430 on
  5. Iowa State ML vs Oklahoma at +475 on

My NFL Picks (1/2 unit each):

  1. Dolphins ML vs Colts at +420 on
  2. Falcons ML vs Saints at +490 on

That’s all for this week. As always, you can track our progress in this nifty Google doc. You can get my picks earlier than the post (and more likely in time to catch the lines they are picking) by following me on the Twitter (TheTannerBond) and Instagram (beat. And until next time, stay sharp.

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